Atlantic Tech & Candy - Embrace the Digital Age
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More Creators. Better World.

The digital age opens up an almost infinite number of new possibilities to realize your creative ideas. Things that used to require an entire company can now be implemented practically anywhere in the world. Developing video games, running a YouTube or Instagram channel, blogging or solving problems using artificial intelligence. Whether it’s as a hobby or as a business.


At the same time there are many people who find it difficult to take advantage of the new opportunities. The rapid changes brought about by digitalisation frighten them. They feel a loss of control, hindering their private and professional progress.


People who embrace the digital age, who use the creative possibilities for themselves, suffer less from loss of control and are happier.


This where we come in. We explain what is changing as a result of digitalisation. We help to discover the new possibilities. And we show, how to become creative yourself.


Understand. Explore. Create.

calm the mind

Calm the Mind.

What is the best way to make people more open to the possibilities of the digital world? We think that the visual language plays a crucial role. Have a look at the pictures that are used to illustrate articles on artificial intelligence. They are technical, cold and often Terminator-like. This not only gives a false impression of the technology, but also frightens many people.


We live by the sea and take advantage of the new possibilities of the digital age. We use our world to create a visual language that reflects a relaxed atmosphere. This is to take away the fears of dealing with new technologies.



Many people are uneasy because they no longer understand the world. New technologies, higher speed of change, experience counts less, politics via Twitter.


We are convinced: real progress is only possible through understanding. What changes will digitalisation bring? What is artificial intelligence really? What options are there for better dealing with situations of great uncertainty?


We explain the changes and new technologies. We teach the necessary methods to orientate oneself and find one’s own way.


After understanding comes exploration.


What can Twitter be used for? What YouTube channels are there that are of interest to me? What can a game engine be used for? How do others use the creative opportunities? What online courses are there? What would I like to try out?


We will guide you on your journey and give tips on what could be interesting for you.



Now it’s time to get creative.


You have the tools and knowledge, all you need is a little courage. How does it feel to shoot your own video? Start blogging? Making music on your smartphone?


There are endless possibilities. Embrace the digital age.


We help finding your own way.