Unprecedented Precision in Marine Computer Vision

Atlantic Tech & Candy’s innovative synthetic underwater imagery approach revolutionizes marine computer vision, offering unmatched detail and accuracy. Advance your marine research and commercial projects with cutting-edge technology designed to provide clear, actionable insights in the most challenging environments.

What We Do

Identify Biofouling

Here’s a demonstration of our system in action. The image on the left displays marine fouling on a ship hull. Our advanced marine computer vision algorithm analyzes each pixel to determine if it represents a clean surface or a specific type of fouling. This analysis enables us to accurately quantify the percentage of fouling for each identified type.

marine computer vision example

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Revolutionizing Marine Computer Vision

Marine computer vision remains inherently challenging due to the scarcity of annotated training data, hindering the development of accurate algorithms. To bridge this gap, Atlantic Tech & Candy has specialized in the creation of large-scale, high-quality synthetic subsea image datasets. In this whitepaper we showcase the efficacy of this innovative approach by employing it to detect and identify marine growth on ship hulls, underscoring its transformative potential in advancing underwater image analysis and maritime applications.

Who We Are

Driven by Fascination

The ocean surface separates two worlds. Jump into the water, and only a few centimeters below the surface you will experience a strange, and fascinating world. Doing subsea computer vision in this alien environment is a challenging task. And it’s our fascination for this underwater world that drives us to provide you with world-class rendering and computer vision solutions.


We are a German high-tech company with many years of experience in computer graphics and AI. Learn more…

Above the surface Below the surface
Synthetic underwater image ground truth for synthetic underwater image

The Unfair Advantage

Synthetic Subsea Imagery

One of the biggest challenges in marine computer vision is the acquisition of annotated training data. To overcome this limitation we specialized in generating high-quality synthetic underwater imagery. Synthetic underwater images are computer-generated images that simulate an underwater environment on a realistic level. Only we have access to our ever growing database of thousands of annotated images.

Physics is in Our DNA

Only Nature is More Real

Rendering realistic marine imagery requires a deep understanding of the physical nature of the underwater world. In our environment we can simulate any kind of water type, species, marine snow, refraction and reflection, absorption or scattering effects.


Full Flexibility

Ship Hulls, Offshore, Infrastructure

Our biggest advantage is the ability to quickly adapt our simulation environment to different scenarios. Based on your requirements we are able to train computer vision models tailored to your needs.

Our Services

Marine Computer Vision

marine computer vision

We train marine computer vision models tailored to your needs.

Synthetic Data

Synthetic data

We generate synthetic marine imagery to train computer vision models. We also render underwater imagery based on your specific needs.

Research & Development

research and development

We participate in research & development projects to bring the field of underwater computer vision forward.

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