christian wiele

Dr. Christian Wiele, CEO and Founder

Digital technologies and the sea? Why not? For me the perfect fit, the ideal environment to ponder difficult problems. Sometimes it just helps to let the problem rest and go kiting.


I have a PhD in theoretical physics, am a self-taught machine learning expert, and interested in game development. And for a long time I thought, I could never be creative …


My own history has taught me how important it is to reduce fears and gain a realistic view of new technologies. That’s why I try to implement this at Atlantic Tech & Candy. In doing so, I benefit from my many years of experience as Chief Architect at SAP.


Atlantic Tech & Candy (ATNC) is my second company foundation. My wife and I founded gezeitenraum in 2012. In the meantime, we have been awarded 7 times by the business magazine brand eins as one of the best German consulting companies in the area of innovation and growth. We have had good experience with being authentic and treating our clients fairly. This is also the basis for ATNC.